Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camiguin Trip and Dip

A totally unexpected trip for both of us. This was supposed to be a group trip with a friend of mine from Manila, whom in my previous article was the person whom I had a special interest with. I planned everything for his trip in our city and this includes visiting this island. Too bad, that man cancelled his trip because of medical reasons on his side of the family that needs immediate attention. As much as I want to persuade him to continue his trip since he already had a round trip tickets booked, it seems I can’t convince him to do such an act. It’s been a long time since I had stepped on that island. And fortunately my boyfriend Justin is there to literally back me to pursue with the trip. Then we decided to go together.

Early morning of March 16th I prepared and we decided to meet in a fast food chain. Everything was ready from our clothes, to our money and to our take in water and food. Around 7:30 we went to the terminal. We decided to board a van instead of a bus since the van would conveniently take us to the port itself whereas the bus would just take us to the terminal and we need to walk ourselves in and find the port. Since there was this idle time inside the bus, Justin and I decided to take pictures for keepsake purposes.

We waited for about an hour or so until the van decided to start its engine and help us begin our first out of town trip. It would be a very long road ahead and we only relied to the car’s fm radio. Since the trip is kind of tiring in spite us sitting on its somewhat comfortable cushion, and since our camera whoring starts to heighten up time for more pictures.

There are times during the trip where I had to sleep myself because I’m not a morning person to begin with. Good thing my boyfriend’s shoulder is handy ready for me to lean. I don’t know if the driver is kinda slow or is it the road that is long? After taking my nap, we ate, we talk, we laugh, then we ate again, talk again and laugh again while watching the landscape change from small rural towns to green pastures to people and finally to the port. Wew!

The port was small but clean with cable TV that seemed to negate our waiting time since we waited for the barge that will take us to the island. And not forgetting to take again some pictures as we go on board. Damn, I’m excited!

The ship trip is way shorter than the van trip. And trust me the sea and the scenery is breathtaking. Even if it was like mid day, the weather is cool and the breeze is just perfect. I was even hoping to see dolphins since I had seen some before on my way to Camiguin like eight years ago. So I think it would be just right to share some backdrops.

Finally the eagle has landed, we landed. *rofl We raced our way to find a van that will take us to the hotel, since there are no taxis in this island. Fortunately the driver knows where the place though the main city is far from the port. The place is so nice yet cheap. It has two beds with a private comfort room, cable TV and an air-conditioning unit. Since it was past lunch time we decided to explore and find a local restaurant to dine. The marketplace never failed us, we found a local store commonly referred to as “carinderia” with home cook foods that are remarkably delicious for just a few bucks. Thus the exploration began…

The marketplace is small compared to ours but it accommodates almost all of a person’s basic necessities. It had a grocery store where we bought our drumsticks, another restaurant where we had our dinner and breakfast and a little shopping area where I didn’t buy anything.

The best place that we both discovered is the park where a lighthouse was built beside a sea. The first time we ventured there it was high tide so we can’t go down unless we want to swim though. So we decided again to take pictures. Damn we never failed to photograph.


Later that night, we decided before heading back to our abode to celebrate our first trip by drinking beer. We both just had one bottle though and we don’t want to get drunk. Judge the picture yourself.


The following day, Justin assumed it would be low tide way back in the beach beside the park. His assumption was right, it was indeed low tide. We decided to step down and take again pictures and more of it. The most exciting part was what my boyfriend discovered, a flowing freshwater stream going to the sea. I was doubtful at first and decided to taste it first hand and to my amazement, it was indeed fresh water. We climbed on some rocks, dipped our feet to cross the other side of the mini stream and fool around the place with our faces.


It was our second day on the island and the end of our short trip. Before heading back to the hotel to gather our things, we decided to buy pasalubong since Camiguin is famous for their local pastels.

In the port, we had to wait for like two hours before boarding in since the last trip was at 3pm and we were already there by 1pm. We explored the port ourselves and bought two locally made bracelets just to serve as a tangible memory that we were once there together. We headed back to our city from the Camiguin port, bounded a car and started parting ways to head back to our homes. But our first trip was amazing. It was filled with lots of wonderful memories that are worth keeping.

Bottom line is Justin and I became closer during the course of the trip. I learned a lot of things from him and what he really is. It helped me understand him better and saw how compatible we are in terms of the things that we did in the island and what we both had discovered. I am very lucky to had found my soul mate, my friend and my future.

In Love With You


by: Angel to Justin

you were someone i never expected
to come into my life and had mended
my once un-chartered principle of brick
you simply washed it like a clock's tick

now my defenses are gone and down
you showed me that i need not frown
for someone like you would be beside
setting all my fears and problems aside

with you everyday is like warm paradise
that simply thrilled me like an add on spice
your lips and kisses are just but soft and tender
that no other man or person can truly render

now as a month had passed away and gone
but the intensity of love we have will never begone
as we continue on another day, month or year
i hope to stay in love which would not surely disappear

i know phrasing i love you is a mere understatement
because the feeling i have for you is true and frequent
my heart, my love, my life, my future and my dream
you are now my everything like a seamless unending stream

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