Thursday, May 21, 2009

Single Blessedness Signing Off

March 6, 2009

It may be just an ordinary Friday for some but it was an extraordinary day for me. This is the day; the day I finally bid goodbye to my singleness; the day I broke my principle for being single for life; the day I embrace someone new in my heart; the day I said yes; the day Justin Philippe Legaspi Haguisan became my boyfriend.

Funny how our love story began. It started in a chat window. We were both members of this blogging group in the Internet. There was this forum under the said site that solicits our personal information like name, email addresses and messenger ID’s. Jace aka Justin, as his alias in the group’s forum, added me to his messenger list hoping to generate a chat conversation. Then the communication began. I guess a new yahoo friend on my end won’t do any harm. So I accepted his invitation. From the day we became messenger buddies, the conversations just flowed out naturally as we were jumping from one topic to another. Furthermore, it allowed both of our worlds to understand as we were taking our talks on a more personal note, making us closer with each other.

During those times we both have different directions in terms of our hearts. True we did click but at that time his heart belonged to someone else. It was with his five month complicated relationship with his officemate whom I need not name. I on the other hand have another love interest towards a friend who planned to visit me in my city soon. It was this certain doubt towards that friend that moved me to talk with Justin, trying to confirm things and how a man would perceive my gestures of likeness. He had been a helpful shoulder to lean on whenever I need one. Furthermore, there are things that are similar to both of us. With that said, I often referred him as my mirror, an exact resemblance of my personality on a different façade and gender. As time goes by the mirror became my twin, a big brother who I wished and longed for before. He then assumed many positions in my life, my movie buddy, my food trip guy, my best friend, my consultant and my sibling.

As months passed, his complicated relationship worsens. His girlfriend broke up with him backed up with shallow reasons and he was fired from his full-time job. As his sister, I was so concerned of his status since he was working to support himself. I became a listener to his frustrations and anger and helped him the way he helped me before. We would go out after my work to chill in a café bar or perhaps catch dinner on our favorite spots. Justin has always been good in coping up with his emotions. Days after the incident, he was back to his feet and ready to pursue his part time job. I was happy with his improvements and grateful that he wore his wonderful smile again.

The 6th of March, we chatted with our usual conversations as to how our days so far and what keeps us busy for the rest of the hours. It then concentrated on our mushy text messages the night before. I had never met someone like him and he was like the man of my dreams that I cannot verbally say. So we sort of contemplated with last nights messages. To cut the long conversation short, we ended up saying how we truly feel for each other and how empty we would become if we tend to lose the other. Then he popped up the question if he can be the man who would love me. Hesitations sink in my mind thus clouding my heart. Setting it apart and my principle to be single for life, I agreed to his proposal.

With a new found boyfriend and a loving companion, I resigned from singleness realizing I was whole with someone like Justin beside me. Breaking up a life principle for this man is worth the risk, worth the wait and worth my life.

I hope you will find your special someone too and can write the most romantic love story of your life.


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